Kills 99.99% of Germs & Viruses

1 hr 30 min.

Electrostatic-Sprayer-scaled (1).jpg

Why Electrostatic?

Electrostatic spraying is proven to be effective against corona viruses. This method ensures that every surface gets covered and that 99.99% of germs get killed as well. Electrostatic spraying is the most efficient disinfectant option–a no-contact process. We use FDA & EPA approved products that are

eco-friendly but will kill germs on contact. Regular treatment leads to further improvement of the surface as the ultra-thin Nano scale layer builds up resistance making it more difficult for the contaminants to adhere to the surface. This results in stronger protection and an improved hygienic environment.


Why Fogging?

This process takes a low pressure and applies it to a high volume of air, and this creates tiny sized droplets, which comes out as a mist. Unlike our competitors the organic cleaning particles from our products stay in the air for days. Our products are the only non-toxic/natural EPA approved and effective against corona viruses on the market today.